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The new workflow management feature streamlines task completion, ensures employees are accountable for each action, and provides us with valuable data from the site to the corporate level. Ervinas staff are very responsive, easy to work with and truly understand our complex and ever-changing industry. I highly recommend their software and services to all growing businesses. 

Matthew Gardiner

Vice President, Shango Las Vegas


Workflow Management

Interlo is perfect for rapidly scaling enterprises including multi-state operators, highly regulated industries, franchises, managed service organizations, industries with high employee turnover, maintenance organizations, and for merger/acquisition. Always free of advertisements, sponsorship and merchandise sales to keep employees focused on enterprise productivity and efficiency! 

Interlo Workflow modules are perfect for any process:

  • Task performance by one employee or multiple, with notification to the next participant 
  • Unlimited amount of steps per task and unlimited amount of tasks per workflow
  • Programmed for any amount of time – finished processes may take minutes, days or months
  • Logs for ongoing data collection (e.g. cleaning, temperature, visitor, shipping, security checkpoint, lights out, phone, inspection, equipment check in/out)
  • Track assignments made at meetings to ensure completion within goal timeframe and/or before the next meeting!

 This systematic approach to workflow makes the following possible:

  • Compliance Violation Elimination: Because data is validated at each step, with set acceptable parameters, errors are caught instantly for immediate correction. 
  • Audit Readiness: Information is always available, easily exported and the time-consuming process of collecting paper logs is eliminated.
  • Dynamic Management: Tasks may be delegated to and by any member of staff or management. Approval steps may be built, so that leadership is assigned to quality check at any point in the process.
  • Protection of Proprietary Information: limit permissions so your operational information cannot be printed, edited or deleted by employees. Audit trails track actions taken by those with change permission and back-ups may be restored if any information is inadvertently changed or deleted.
  • Process Analysis: When a process is completed, detailed data is archived for future reference, enabling you to continually evaluate your processes. Aggregate data from multiple workflows to identify trends and evaluate efficiencies.  


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