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Interlo is easily customizable to meet the needs of any small to mid-size business. When you are ready to expand, it’s effortless to deploy all of your operations and training to a new location quickly, saving a massive amount of time, money and headaches. We will never distribute your data and Interlo is always free of advertisements, sponsorship and merchandise sales to keep employees focused on enterprise productivity and efficiency! 

Workflow Management

Workflows are perfect for processes that involve more than one staff member. Each completed task in a process is recorded, then prompts the next person to begin the next step and so on, until the end product is finished. At each step, the accumulated information is passed along to the next person automatically, so nothing is left to chance. 

Standardized Systems

Standardized processes ensure that steps are followed, work is dependable and repeatable, with minimal thought required, minimal errors made, and producing a consistently high quality product. Well thought out, well written, evaluated and re-evaluated SOPs, manuals and forms are readily available to all employees, no matter where they are working.

Training & Certification

A strong training program is the backbone of any business. Cut orientation time and cost by as much as 90%! Increase retention of information 6-fold! Eliminate miscommunications and accidental omissions. Now, all of your employees can have the benefit of consistent and accurate training, without the old-fashioned pitfalls.

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