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Interlo Features

Interlo software is easily customizable to meet the needs of any small to mid-size business. Features of the system:


  • Always free of advertisements, sponsorship and merchandise sales to keep employees focused on enterprise productivity and efficiency! 
  • Custom Branding: to your colors and logo
  • Mobile Responsive: access to the system from anywhere at anytime
  • One-Touch Access: home screen and desktop icons allow you to stay signed into your account
  • One-Click Access: custom buttons installed to access all your business platforms from one centralized location
  • Search: global and targeted search capability to easily find relevant information anywhere in the system
  • Announcements: communicate vital information to all employees
  • QR Code Generator & Reader: for employee badges, parking passes, equipment tracking, or to expedite any data entry task
  • Bar Code Scanner: integrate information instantly into your workflows
  • Real-Time Reports/Analytics: run at the individual, department, location, regional and/or at the corporate level. Work with Ervinas’ consultants to strategically target pain points!
  • Granular Control: control access to information and permission to perform certain activities. Easily assigned to users through predefined roles or customized for individuals. Temporary, limited access may also be granted to contractors, regulatory agents or for audit purposes to streamline the exchange of information without the need for data compilation and report printing.
  • Date & Time Stamps: for all activities, from login to sign out and everything in between
  • Revision Control & Auditing: approval and acknowledgment for all key document types
  • Cybersecurity: We utilize AWS hosting with each client in an independent instance, daily back-ups, continuous uptime monitoring, DDOS protection, auto-scaling, server infrastructure, real-time intrusion and virus detection, 2-factor authentication capable. SSL encryption for all transmitted data, server instance firewall protection, compartmentalized data access, regular security updates and vulnerability patches.
  • Forms and Manuals: company and equipment specific documents are stored and easily retrieved for reference or printing
  • SOPs: personalized policies and procedures easily retrieved for reference, or choose from our template libraries for safety and administration. SOPs may be customized in accordance with your local, state and federal regulations.
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